Things To Consider When Buying Diamond Jewelleries

Jewelry is one of the most extravagant gift that we could think of giving our loved ones during special occasions. It’s an expression of how much a person may mean to us. Surely, any family member or special friend would appreciate receiving precious expensive jewelries and diamonds are one of the first things that we can think of next to gold. It is also very important that you work on a certain budget before you start shopping and have a little background on the things that you need to consider before making the purchase. Remember that you should always get your money’s’ worth when buying jewelries.

TIP #1: Familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s

The CUT, COLOR, CARAT and CLARITY of the diamond that you are looking for. The 4C’s is a global standard used to assess the quality of a diamond. CUT- Commonly known as the diamonds’ sparkle and illumination. A cut doesn’t mean the form of the diamonds but the proportioning, symmetry and polish of the stone.
COLOR- this refers to the diamonds lack of color, the less color the higher the grade. Colored diamonds are graded on a different scale.
CARAT- refers to the standard actual weight of the diamond and not the size. The higher carat the more rare the diamond. Also keep in mind that 1 carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. CLARITY- refers to the imperfections of the diamond. A good quality should be flawless, meaning no blemishes or inclusions should be seen when viewed under 10x magnification.
You can download a chart of the 4 C’s before deciding to head to the jeweler that would serve as your reference when making the purchase.

TIP #2: Consider is where to buy the diamonds

Always choose to buy from a reputable store with a trained jewelry personnel to assist you with your purchase. A good jewelry store should have a wide selection of jewelries for different occasions from which includes coloured diamond engagement rings Australia which is a popular choice amongst women. Look for a jeweler who carries GIA Grade Diamonds.

TIP #3: Always ask for a diamond grading report

Almost all reputable jewelry shops do provide this kind of report. It should show a detailed description of the 4 C’s and determine the authenticity of the diamond that you are about to purchase.

TIP #4: Always secure your purchase

Your diamonds should have a unique encryption code that will help you identify the item if ever it gets lost or stolen.

TIP #5: Have your diamonds appraised and insured

This is important especially when you are considering of buying or looking into a couple of coloured diamond engagement rings.
A diamond grading report would assess the quality while an appraisal would assess the monetary value of a diamond.