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A Tan That Lasts

We are a leading organization in the cosmetic and beauty industry. We were once asked by a spectator at an exhibition, what is much preferred, a pure white skin or a brown glow skin? We instead transferred the question back to the audience and the majority agreed to the latter. This made us think of this fact in a much deeper way. Hence it made us open up a new line in our beauty products section.Spray tanning Melbourne has gained much popularity in the recent past due to the demand there is for the brown glow skin. Tanning gives you a healthy look which is much sought after today. So we have come up with a great range of products in this line. We have even conducted workshops where some of the audience tried out our range and gave great comments regarding these.The full results and comments can be found on our website, along with the many items we have for our beloved customer. We provide special items for many aspects in life such as weddings, anniversaries etc. Just any day is special if you make it out to be that way.

Our range of spray tan Prahran products are suitable for any type of skins whether white, Caucasian, African or Asian. Such is the diversity we have aimed for, and achieved in that manner too. Our customer reviews have always been great and you can find out more on this on our website. You can even contact us or meet us personally for a free consultation on your skin type. Our team can come up with a beauty routine for you to follow depending on the results of this. We have taken up the responsibility of providing high quality beauty care products to leading events around the country. We have even succeeded in achieving the international market by providing a lineup in many other countries as well. Our range is suitable for any season be it summer or winter and it has a special non-drying and non-acne formula which has become a great hit. People are often faced with the side effects of tanning, out of which we have nothing to show in our products. This is due to the extremely high quality standards we adhere too. We do not go for cheap ingredients. All our tanning formulas contain the natural essence of the Aloe Vera plant, which has proven to be a cooling agent on any type of skin. Come and try out our lineup to get the tan everybody envies.

Interesting Ways To Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Birthday

Be creative and think out of the box, after all it is your friend that you are gifting so even the quirkiest gift wouldn’t matter at all!
Celebrating your best friend’s birthday is like celebrating your own. After going through thick and through thin with each other, it is only natural that you would know inside out of each other. And so celebrating each other’s birthday and making it a surprise can be tough, especially when they are really good at figuring things out. Nevertheless, here are some cool ways you could use to celebrate your friend’s birthday this year!

Make your own movie
With many apps out there today, you can easily create a movie like a pro. Gather all the pictures the two of you have taken throughout your entire friendship and combine them all to create a wonderful movie that is simple yet nostalgic and memorable at the same time. And this wouldn’t even cost you as much as same day t shirt printing Sydney.

Plan a trip
Pick out the places your friend hasn’t ever visited throughout her life. Buy tickets for whatever necessary places and get some same day customised t shirts done and pack up everything else you might need, and get going on a trip with all of your friends to make the day even better!

A movie date
There is nothing more amazing than a movie date with your best friend. Grab out all those chick flicks and a huge bowl of popcorn and prepare yourself for an entire day of couch camping with each other! Take turns in watching each other’s favorite movies and celebrate the wondrous years of long lasting friendship and the many crazier days to come!

A trip down the memory lane
You might have had a backstory behind your strong friendship that has been lasting for all the years and many more to come. So take a walk down that memory lane, literally, and relive those wonderful days you spent with each other.

Tell the world you love her
Instagram and Facebook are some of the most famous places anyone and everyone shares their love for each other. So be that cliché person and create a video or post a simple picture to commemorate the wonderful years of friendship you have been enjoying together and let everyone know how much you value and care for each other!

A DIY bracelet
Remember the good ole days were friendship bracelets were thing. So bring those days back by designing and creating your own one to match with your best friend. For more information, please log on to